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Bus Systems

Overview: A bus system connects technical systems and enables an exchange of information. In a distributed communication system the components share a physical transmission medium. Therefore the requirements of the distributed system are the crucial factor in deciding which bus system to use. Thus you always have to find a balance between certain attributes of the bus like availability, bandwidth, security and costs.

We examine bus systems on practical usability. In doing so we investigate protocol properties as well as physical characteristics. When it comes to protocol properties, synchronisation techniques and transmission reliability are of special interest. Speed, length and the vulnerability to external influences are regarded as important physical characteristics.

Current Research Topics:

CAN-Sniffer and CAN-Error-Node
Bluetooth with Embedded Linux
System Security with Profibus and ProfiSafe
Applicability of TTP and FlexRay
Test Automation with LIN and I2C
Ethernet with TCP/IP in the Area of Fieldbus Systems