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Document Generation
Generation procedure:

 Problem: You often have to modify, enhance or synchronize source code, test scripts and documentation? It is very time-consuming and expensive to maintain a good documentation. It is nearly impossible to keep all changes consistent, if all of them are done manually.

 Goal and Solution: The synchronisation of documents must be done automatically. We develop custom-made tools, that adapt corresponding documents independently.

 Benefit: We achieve a high flexibility in generating and changing documents by a grammar based approach. We use XML-Templates as an interface between the several tools. These templates can be used for project documentation or for integration in a content management system. With our tools, you can improve the quality of your development process and your products.

 Costs: The manual synchronisation of source code, test scripts and documentation is expensive and error-prone. As a result of our experience in automated document maintenance, we can offer flexible, cost-saving and quality-improving solutions.