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Textual Specification We developed an MSC/SD-Generator, that can automatically draw a Message Sequence Chart (MSC) and UML Sequence Diagrams (SD) from a textual representation.

Message sequence charts come from the Specification and Description Language (SDL). Because of it's clean process structure SDL was integrated into the UML 2.0 standard.

In contrast to sequence diagrams an MSC can display the flow of different processes in parallel.

Our tool can visualize the execution of processes an the communication between them. A textual representation makes it easier to integrate changes, compared to manually changing an image. An advantage in the development cycle can be the automatic generation of MSCs by executable formal models.

The MSC/SD-Generator can create printed documents or export various standard graphic types.

Generated Sample
MSC/SD - Generator demo version (german) Download (.NET framework 2.0 is required)
(1,1MB last update 3.12.2006)