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Extract of the ProfiSafe Specification:

MSC: Data Output
SDL Block: F-Host
SDL Process: pFSlave
 Problem: You have an idea for a technical system. Requirements and Interfaces of the system must be specified. Or you already have a product and many technical details are exclusively in the heads of your system specialists. You need an exact specification for a future-oriented development or for a third party certification of your product.

 Goal and Solution: We are developing technical specifications for hardware and software with well proven methods, like UML, SDL and VHDL.

 Benefit: A technical specification describes your system and the knowledge of your engineers is kept alive. An exact specification increases the understanding of the system and improves the quality of product. With our skills in system development, you will get a well defined description of the system's architecture and interfaces to minimize your development risks.

 Costs: The development of systems that are not specified or documented, includes enormous risks and the possibility of exploding costs We reduce these risks at favourable prices.