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Grammar Based Tools
Overview: Grammar based tools like Lex and Yacc have been developed to make it easier to write compilers and interpreters. But they can also be used to retrieve data from a text document with given structure, and to transform this data into a different format. One can also imagine, to use these tools for formal and executable grammar based models. This makes it possible to detect undefined behaviour of the system at its interfaces or find contradictions in the specification.

We use the power of grammar based tools for automatic document generation and test automation. When generating documents automatically, a grammar describes the conceptual structure of the document. After this structure is filled, various different documents can be created by means of grammar base tools. In test automation a grammar can be used to generate test cases automatically or to be used for predicting the behavior of system under test.

Current Research Projects:

Formal Rules for Automatic Document Generation
How to Ease Test Automation by Describing a System with a context-free Grammar
Apply Attribute Grammar Systems with Gentle in Test Automation