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Compliance Testing:

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 Problem: You need to test a technical system with hardware and software components. According to the stage of development, the tests must be repeated frequently. Additionally your system has to meet certain safety and security requirements. The complexity of appropriate test systems is often being underestimated, or the necessary resources are not available.

 Goal and Solution: We write test specifications, develop test systems and execute tests according to your needs.

 Benefit: Our team has a long-term experience in the area of test-engineering. We combined this knowledge, to create a pragmatic test methodology on the basis of international standards (IEC 9646). With our modular, generic architecture for test automation, we can built high-performance test systems, that can deal with complex targets, at a favourable price.

 Costs: Your costs will be lower, if you use our test system instead of developing your own. Ask for an offer, you will be surprised.